Micro Pub Crawl

Thanet The Micro Pub Centre Of England

Window Display Of Beer Labels

About Drink

Beer is the drink of men who think, who feel no fear nor fetter. Who do not drink to senseless sink but drink to think the better.    Anonymous 1903

On the other hand Father Jack Hackett, played by Frank Kelly, is an elderly, decrepit, foul-mouthed, lecherous alcoholic priest who frequently lapses into violent behaviour, particularly when his fellow clergy deny him drink or try removing him from his armchair, where he is usually found sleeping (or, more likely, passed out). Left irrevocably damaged by his life of sloth, lechery and alcoholic abuse, he rarely speaks in a coherent manner, instead expressing himself through a series of random shouted words (i.e., "Feck!", "Arse!", "Drink!" and "Girls!").